• Student Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

PUNCTUALITY: I understand that classes begin on time and that late student(s) need to ask permission to join the class. Being late is distracting and disrespectful to the instructor and other students. If a student will be continually late, please discuss this with the instructor(s).

STFI FUNDRAISING: I understand that it is each student’s responsibility to support mandatory fundraisers for the Saskatchewan Taekwon-Do Federation lnternational (STFI), such as $90 for one case of chocolate almonds per member. If one wishes not to participate, a yearly fundraising fee of will apply.

Effective immediately, each student will be required to pay a mandatory $25 fee, once per year to STFI to supply insurance coverage for classes and tournaments.

MEDIA: I agree that Regina South Taekwon-Do (RSZTKD) may take and use photographs of students with or without names, for the purposes of publicity, illustration, advertising, and Web content without prior consent.

EQUIPMENT: I understand that equipment is issued by RSZTKD for the use of each eligible student for class and tournament use.  I will provide a deposit for equipment is not returned. Upon return of the equipment, the deposit will be returned.

For equipment that is damaged through normal wear and tear, or no longer fits properly, the club will replace the equipment FREE OF CHARGE. Damage caused by improper care (dog chewing, improper storage) will result in the student having to replace the equipment at cost.

INJURY: I understand that if the student is unable to train due to injury and wishes to request fees to be applied to the next session, I must notify the President and Treasurer in writing and submit a Request Form for the Board’s approval, within one week of the injury.

FUNDRAISING: I understand that students of the RSZTKD are expected to help with, or volunteer for fundraising activities such as hotdog sales, steak nights, pizza/pasta fundraisers, etc.

DEMONSTRATIONS: I understand that it is each student’s responsibility to participate in demonstrations as required. Typically, these only occur a few times per year, including Canada Day.

TESTING: I understand that testing fees must be paid before the testing date, if the student has been given permission to test.

REFUNDS: I understand that there are no refunds for registration fees, STFI fees, doboks or manuals.

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