Master Clint Norman
Head instructor for the Saskatchewan Taekwon-Do Federation (STFI)
Degree of Black belt: 8th Dan
Started Taekwon-Do: 
Years on the National Team: 8
 years, was named captain for four World Championships.
Most memorable achievement/accomplishment: 
Being asked to be on the CD-ROM by the founder of Taekwon-Do General Choi Hong Hi and being a member of the National Team.

Mr. Steve Marcia

Degree of Black belt: 5th Dan
Started Taekwon-Do: 1989
Most memorable achievement/accomplishment: demonstrating a release technique with a broken wrist in front of General Choi at the IIC that was held in Vancouver.

Ms. Chelsea Stone 

Degree of Black Belt: 5th Dan
Started Taekwon-Do: 1994
Years on the National Team: 9 years, was named captain for four World Championships.
Most memorable moment/accomplishment: Winning a bronze medal at the World Championships.

Ms. Roz Fredrickson

Degree of Black Belt: 3rd Dan

Year started in Taekwon-Do: 2004
Earned Black Belt and started Teaching: 2011

Favourite Pattern: Hwa-rang

Favourite part of Taekwon-Do: Being able to teach the up and coming students as well as being able to compete 
Most memorable moment/accomplishment:
Having the opportunity to take over and re-vamp the Little Tigers program at 16 years old

Mr. David Yaffe

Degree of Black Belt: 2nd Dan
Started Taekwon-Do: 2003 
Most memorable moment/accomplishment: Receiving his 2nd degree black belt

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